Think Big

Our students are part of the future; therefore they cannot resort to tools and concepts from the past for their learning process. However, we should be inspired by and learn from the past, in order to understand our present times and be able to create the future.

Think Big is the general idea under which many institutional projects are developed. In innovation, creativity and collaborative relies their common core. We believe in educating for the future; thus Think Big is our motto, an ideal, an institutional way of understanding the importance of innovative ideas and collaborative tasks. We therefore need professionals to lead and develop each one of these projects, by making proper use of information, resources and developing leadership skills, in such a manner that said projects may continue growing regardless of the people involved.

Under Think Big NFS there are some projects that were created and carried out by our school, and some others that we found particularly interesting and valuable for our students.

They are all focused on developing oral, written and technological skills, both individually and in groups. The projects included are:


In Kinder, Primary and Secondary school. It includes different programming activities for all ages. Besides using devices, the objective at first is to introduce students in computational thinking (which goes beyond technology fostering ways of thinking useful for life).

Experimental workshops:

3D printing, Image and sound, communication workshop.

Ideas Revolution (Secondary School):

Con un formato de charlas TED, este proyecto tiene como objetivo general desarrollar el compromiso social de los alumnos en una dinámica de parejas para 1er año, e individual de 2do año en adelante. Las charlas se preparan la materia Construcción de la Ciudadanía y cuenta con 2 instancias de presentación: una interna (a principios de octubre) y otra intercolegial (fines de octubre). NFS es el organizador y gradualmente se fueron sumando colegios.

Ideas Club (Secondary School):

Having been trained and guided by TED staff, Northfield School is one of the 8 schools in Argentina that were chosen to be pioneers in this TEd ED project. Secondary school students prepare individual talks in Spanish on different topics that reflect their personal interests.

TED ED Club (Secondary School):

TED talks in English are developed by students and then recorded and shared thorugh hangout with other TED ED Clubs around the globe.

Northfield Goes Green (institutional project):

This project is aimed at fostering ecological awareness. Besides many other environmentally friendly activities carried out all throughout the school year, NFS organizes a Green Day in April (both in Nordelta and Puertos). In such a day, we do not use electricity, and therefore plan our daily activities so as to show our students that we can easily reduce energy consumption by changing some of our habits.

In Puertos the building has been designed with many structures that help reduce environmental impact, many of which were possible thanks to the cooperation of our community (bottle caps, glass bottles).

Think Big NFS Contest:

Annual activity in which students from Secondary school choose to take part, aimed at fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Maily - We communicate with the rest of the world (Kinder):

Kindergarten students communicate with kids from other countries, exchanging experiences and information on their cultures and traditions.