Community Service

Northfield School is committed to helping people in need. Parents, students and staff actively take part in each and every community service activity promoted by NFS. Our community firmly believes in transforming reality through commitment and service.

Some of community service activities at NFS:

  • Trips: Secondary school students travel, together with members of our staff, to different places in within our country to help and work for communities in need.
  • Commitment to entities: La Casita del Niño de Escobar, Organizados por Oli (blood donation), Fundación Nordelta y Fundación María de Guadalupe.
  • Insittutional solidarity campaigns: Buffet to raise money to help various organizations and entities, “Abrigo” campaign during winter, etc.

Our students from 5th and 6th Secondary School spend a weekend building houses in the GBA area together with the ONG “TECHO”, a way of developing a community service attitude in them.